Your gift buys…

Here we give an idea of just how far your donations go.

Back to School programme

A regular donation of £7 / $10 a month will enable a child to attend and finish school through the Back to School programme in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. It provides uniform, books, shoes and bi-monthly Life Skills workshops run by E3, to help children with emotional and spiritual development.

£3 / $4.20 will fund sanitary products so a teenage girl in South Africa can go to school without any discomfort and reduce absenteeism each month. The girls also attend a personal hygiene Life Skills class. 100 girls on the Back to School programme will be helped this year.

£1 / $1.40 pays for an orphaned and vulnerable child on the Back to School programme in South Africa to attend a biblical Life Skills workshop to help them cope with their situation and look to the future with hope. 1,071 children attend these bi-monthly workshops.

£1.50 / $2 will provide a nutritious school dinner for three orphaned and vulnerable children so they can concentrate at school.

Microfinance to improve livelihoods:

£350 / $552 enables a refugee family to receive training and a microfinance loan to set up a small business in Pietermaritzburg and Durban, South Africa. This means they can put food on the table and afford to send their children to school. They also receive ongoing support to ensure the business is a success.

HIV support:

£1 / $1.40 provides a meal to people on antiretroviral treatment in Lesotho. They all walk long distances to access their treatment, so a hot nutritious meal goes a long way in giving them the strength to walk home. Pastors also share the Bible and pray with people.

£2 / $2.80 enables a home-based care volunteer to visit people living with HIV to look after them and clean for them. It buys cleaning materials like plastic gloves, lotions and sanitary items.

Support for Pastors:

£3.50 / $4.90 enables a pastor to attend one E3 Emerging Leaders training workshop in Zambia or Zimbabwe. The workshop helps them identify spiritual and practical needs in their communities and how the church can respond. 142 pastors will attend workshops in 2018.

£11 / $15.35 buys a Bible for a pastor in one of the rural communities in which E3 works. At the beginning of 2018, 1,500 of them didn’t have their own copy of the Bible to help them teach and share God’s Word.

£90 / $126 enables a pastor to attend E3’s four-day partner conference in Zambia or South Africa. As well as encouraging and sharing with each other and listening to the speaker programme, it’s also an opportunity to pause, reflect and be refreshed.