How we work

Everything we do is in partnership with local churches and organisations, who share our vision. We build strong relationships with them and design and develop high impact projects together.

Our partners bring a wealth of experience, local knowledge and relationships to the table. We work with them through training, sharing expertise, grants, prayer, visits, resources and insights from other projects. We help them find ways to become sustainable and resilient so they are no longer dependent on outside help, giving dignity to all involved and setting an example to show that a hand up rather than a hand out of poverty can change things forever and help a community stand on its own two feet. It also means the projects are protected from changes in funding in the future.

With years of experience of working in a grassroots context, our application and monitoring and evaluation processes are transparent, straightforward and designed to guide and shape project development. Partners are required to have transparent bookkeeping systems in place prior to funding and once a partnership is established, regular reporting and site visits ensure that the money continues to be well used.

For E3, being small is a virtue, enabling us to connect with smaller churches and organisations right at the grassroots. We often develop lasting relationships with our partners, some of whom we have partnered with for well over a decade.

E3 is unashamedly Christian and works with local churches and faith-based organisations, who serve people in need regardless of their religious beliefs. Their activities provide practical, emotional and spiritual support.

E3 works hard to minimise the running costs of the charity so more of our income can go to the work. In 2019, 92.5% of expenditure was spent on our charitable activities on the ground in Southern Africa. We spent only 7.5% of our expenditure on running costs (marketing, fundraising, admin and governance costs).

We carefully manage our marketing and fundraising costs and focus on email, Facebook and networking so we do not spend money on mass fundraising mailings by post and similar activities adopted by other charities. Our Communications and Fundraising Manager is part-time and our active trustees fundraise and build support as volunteers.

Our Ethos

Christ came to proclaim “good news to the poor” – the sick and the suffering, the marginalised, and the oppressed. He did this through what he said and through his actions, so that people would experience the power of the living and loving God and experience new life in Him.

Our name, “E3 Initiative” is inspired by Ephesians 3, which explains how the local church is God’s agent in this work. Our three foundational values – Engaging churches, empowering leaders and entrusting the process of transformation – are centred on verse 10 of that chapter: “His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known…”

These values inform everything we do – whether the focus is on developing leaders to grow healthy churches or helping them to find ways to reach out and enable their churches to transform communities.

Engaging churches

We are inspired by Ephesians 3:10 and are convinced that local churches lie at the heart of God’s purposes. All our efforts are driven by this, which means working alongside those who build healthy churches and empower them to share God’s love in word and action in their communities.

Empowering leaders

God calls churches to proclaim his love and justice to the world, which is why we are committed to empowering their leaders through training as well as deliberate action so that churches serve the poor and marginalised in the name of Christ. We help leaders strengthen their churches and work to transform their communities spiritually and practically.

Entrusting the process of transformation

We don’t believe in using churches to achieve our own development goals. They understand their local situation and how best to respond to needs in a sustainable way. Whilst we provide ongoing support and training, and encourage shared learning and experiences between E3 partners, we entrust the process of transformation to them, because they know best.