Umvini Community Foundation

Umvini Community Foundation reaches out to children and older people in need in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. A high number of children drop out of school because of HIV infection, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse and lack of financial and emotional support at home. Meanwhile, older people are often abandoned by their families and suffer greatly at the weakest time in their lives. In partnership with E3 and led by Pastor Vuyani Dlamini, Umvini is:

  • Supporting 100 orphaned children with school materials and life skills classes through Back to School.
  • Supporting senior citizens through home visits, medication screening, cleaning, exercise and taking them out for lunch for special occasions.
  • Running a chicken farm to supply affordable quality meat to the local community. It has created jobs for 5 church women and will provide sustainable support for children on the Back to School programme. Umvini is also looking at other income-generating activities to create sustainable jobs for local people.
  • Providing career guidance to young people in Grade 11/12 and who have left school.
  • Grant: £5,200
  • Sustainability loan of £2,300 to boost the chicken farm so it generates more income to help fund Umvini’s work once the loan is repaid to E3.

1,000 chickens are ready to be sold every 6 weeks. The income generated helps fund Truevine’s ministry and employs local people. The ladies who work for the chicken farm were trained and have developed new skills. They say they are enjoying earning money so they can provide for their children. The security guard is a young man and is excited to be able to work and save some money for the future.