Sunrise Ministries

Sunrise Ministries provides HIV testing and counselling services and reaches out to street children in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi.  In 2017, it was estimated by UNAIDS that the HIV prevalence rate was 9.6%, 1 million Malawians were living with HIV and 39,000 new infections occurred. Many people who are at risk have not yet been tested for HIV. There are also many children living on the streets because their parents have died from AIDS-related illnesses or they are victims of sexual abuse.

Sunrise Ministries is led by Joan Phiri. E3’s partnership:

  • Provides HIV testing and counselling in the city and in the rural area so people can find out their status and receive the support they need.
  • Helps reduce the spread of HIV through awareness meetings in local communities, training on healthy living for people infected by HIV and meetings to equip church leaders with knowledge about HIV and how they can help change behaviour.
  • Facilitates economic empowerment through credit-savings groups so that 166 people living with HIV can access training and loans to set up small businesses to earn a sustainable income.
  • Helped rescue 5 street children so they can receive the support they need to cope with their situation and return to their communities to families who will care for them. School fees are being paid for 3 former street children of secondary school age.
  • Helped to build a health clinic for under-fives so they no longer have to travel over 25km to the nearest specialist clinic. Around 5,000 children will be treated for malnutrition, HIV, Malaria, TB and common tropical diseases each year.
  • Budget: £4,000

When E3 and Sunrise opened the under-fives clinic, a young girl bravely shared: “As young people who are HIV positive and on antiretroviral therapy (ART), we face several challenges, including being shunned and looked down on by other pupils at school and travelling long distances to hospital where we access ART. Some of us drop out of school because of a lack of school fees, books and uniform. I have a vision for an ART clinic where people can easily access their medication with dignity and privacy.” E3 is currently working with a supporter to help make this vision happen.