Christmas appeal: the gift of toilets for 750 children at Samaritan School

A huge thank you to E3 supporters who helped raise £2,710 to provide decent dignified toilet facilities for 750 orphaned and vulnerable children at Samaritan School in Kitwe, Zambia.

The children have moved from dilapidated wooden huts to brand new brick classrooms this year … but something is missing … toilets! Currently there are no proper toilets – just one long drop and nearby bushes! 

Now the money has been raised, the community can start building in January and have a proper toilet block with separate girls’ and boys’ toilets finished within two months. An expert local builder will work with a team of local volunteers.

Thank you to everyone who helped show these precious children that they are valued and loved.

Samaritan School’s vision is to rescue children from poverty and encourage and empower them to complete their education.

“The new classrooms are a great encouragement to the teachers who work tirelessly as volunteers because they are so passionate about giving the children an education. The new toilet block together with the classrooms will make the children feel valued and will give them a sense of dignity.” Sydney Chileshe, Head Teacher

What life is like for the children

The children come from various slum communities affected by poverty, HIV and AIDS, teenage pregnancy, crime and drug abuse. The school was founded to provide free education to children who otherwise would not be able to go to school. The Head Teacher and teaching staff are all volunteers. E3 has been funding a monthly stipend for the 10 staff members since 2015 to help financially, as well as buying uniform for some children.

At Samaritan School:

  • 34% of pupils are double orphans
  • 23% have one parent living
  • The rest are vulnerable because they live in such extreme poverty
  • These children are less likely to complete school
  • Many girls are forced into early marriages.

Samaritan School gives them the opportunity to feel valued, encouraged and to succeed in their learning. 

Project costs in detail

Building materials (cement and blocks): £1,150
Skilled builder (reduced rate for charity): £900
Toilet fittings and wiring for electricity: £660
Fundraising target: £2,710

Plus the community are contributing volunteer labour and roofing of the block which is worth £700. A significant gift from the community!

Any additional money raised will help fund the stipends for the teachers and uniform and shoes for the poorest families. 

Thank you for your support.