Samaritan Community School

Samaritan Community School teaches more than 920 orphaned and vulnerable children in a makeshift building in Kitwe, Zambia. The children come from various slum communities affected by poverty, HIV and AIDS, teenage pregnancy, crime and drug abuse. Currently, 34% of pupils are double orphans, 23% have one parent living and the rest are vulnerable because they live in such extreme poverty. These children are less likely to complete school and many girls are forced into early marriages. The teachers are all volunteers and Mr Sydney Chileshe is the Head Teacher. Without this free school, the children would miss out on an education. They cannot go to government or private schools because their families cannot afford school uniforms, fees, etc.

The school nearly closed in 2015 because the local authority wanted to sell the land, but E3 was able to help buy the land so the school now owns the site and can stay there indefinitely. E3 has raised funds to build two new classrooms because the old wooden classrooms are falling apart. The teachers and children need a safe and dry place in which to teach and learn.

E3 partner, Centre for Christian Missions, supports Samaritan School spiritually and practically. Pastor Bennett Ndelemeti provides encouragement, input and visits the school regularly. The CCM team provides counselling, Life Skills workshops and exam preparation class to help those children who are struggling to pass their exams. The children also enjoy playing football with them!

E3 Initiative’s partnership:

  • Helps some of the children by buying them school uniform.
  • Pays a monthly stipend to 10 volunteer teachers who previously were totally unpaid.
  • Built two stronger and safer brick classrooms to replace the dilapidated wooden makeshift classrooms in 2019.
  • Will build a proper toilet block to replace the single smelly long-drop in 2020.
  • Budget: £4,000

Elizabeth (aged 14) lost both her parents some years ago. She desperately wanted to continue her schooling and had been working hard selling fruit in the market before school.

She explains the difference support from E3 has made: “Now I have my uniform and shoes from E3, I can concentrate more on completing school. I will become a nurse one day so I can help others.”