Raise the Roof Children’s Choir

Bringing hope, dignity and education to the people of Mpingu, Malawi

The children are full of optimism and excitement about their new school. Together we believe it will change the whole community for the better. As the children finish school, they will be hopeful and empowered citizens who will give back to their community. Many of them have a real heart to serve and their career dreams include nurses, doctors and teachers.

Let’s partner together to build a school that these children can be proud of. A safe place to learn, grow in confidence and dream of a better future. A place that builds community at the heart of Mpingu and lifts and builds up the children and their families.

You can play a part in making this vision a reality.

Simply donate at a Raise the Roof event or visit www.give.net/raisetheroofchoir

Here’s some more information about the project…

The Sunrise Centre School will cater for children from Mpingu and surrounding communities. The new school will provide education from Grades 1-5 and will also include a pre-school.

  • There are currently only 11 primary schools in the Mpingu educational zone that collectively serve a population of 16,022 children (from 6-12 years old).
  • Some schools have a ratio of 1 teacher to over 100 pupils in a class.
  • The school will be self-supporting because 80% of pupils will pay a fee slightly below the market rate, which will fund the running costs and full scholarships for the other 20% of pupils. This means the school will be sustainable and will have an impact on the community by providing education to the poorest families, while remaining a non-profit institution.

Life in Mpingu

  • Over 50% of people live below the poverty line. 25% live in extreme poverty.
  • Some children are orphaned and live with extended family.
  • Most families grow crops to survive. Whether it rains determines whether they can eat.
  • Challenges for children: lack of food, a 5 to 10km walk to school, tattered clothes and no shoes, some classes have only 1 teacher for over 100 pupils.

What difference will the school make?

  • A school closer to home will mean children are less tired because their walk to school will be shorter. They will therefore be able to concentrate more at school and will feel more hopeful and positive about school.
  • It will reduce absenteeism in the winter when it’s too cold to walk all that way barefoot.
  • Girls are vulnerable to giving up hope, dropping out of school and marrying young. Some men approach them and offer them a lift as they walk to school. A shorter walk will protect girls, boost their confidence and restore their hope.

How much needs to be raised?

£55,900 will build three furnished school blocks with two classrooms in each, an administration office and two toilet blocks, as well as playground facilities and paths. Once the money has been raised, the school will take just four months to build.


William is from Mzindo Pasala village. He walks 5km to school and back every day in bare feet. He loves learning and dreams of being a doctor. Going to school closer to home will mean he isn’t tired from the long walk and can concentrate better. He’ll also be able to go to school all year round – even when it’s colder.

On behalf of all the children of Mpingu, thank you so much for your support.