Pastors’ Economic Empowerment Project

Pastors’ Economic Empowerment Project in Zambia is working with E3 partner, Centre for Christian Missions. In communities where everyone is living in poverty, it is impossible for churches to support their pastors financially. Although church members give generously from the little they have, it is not enough and pastors struggle to support their own families whilst serving in these churches.

Following E3 Emerging Leaders training in 2014, 40 pastors started a chicken farming project to earn money to support their families and ministries. Some pastors started other small businesses including a mechanic workshop and selling stationery.

Pastor Bennett Ndelemeti is the chairperson and there is an elected committee to help him. We were very excited that in 2018, this project achieved self-sustainability so E3 no longer needs to provide financial support. Pastors will continue to borrow and pay back loans and as the fund grows, new pastors can join.

“I am very happy to have received a loan from E3. I bought a tool box and now I do mechanics to support my family because my Church cannot pay me a salary. It has made a big difference to family life and to my Church.” Pastor Fredrick Bwalya