Pastors’ Forum Network

Pastors’ Forum Network was formed in response to E3’s Emerging Leaders training in 2012. Two local churches in Manzini in eSwatini, started income-generating projects, which are overseen by E3 partner, Acts of Faith. The partnership with E3 has enabled:

  • Ten women at Lubhaceni Church in Zion have started a peanut butter making business so they can provide for their families and support their Church. Their vision is to supply the whole of Swaziland so peanut butter is no longer imported. Already the business has enabled the women to buy electricity for their Church and provide food for their families.
  • Nine women are involved in a sewing project at Maya Church, making church gowns and uniforms so local people no longer travel long distances to buy these items and the income generated helps support the church and the women involved.
  • Metropolitan Church to start a savings group to help people set up small businesses. E3 has already funded a bore hole, which enabled church members to set up a block-making business.
  • Budget: £6,800