Paran Christian Ministries

Paran Christian Ministries reaches out to refugees in Durban and Cape Town. At the request of Pastor Eugene Muganga, E3 provided training in HIV and AIDS prevention and management and microfinance, in order to give refugees a means to provide for their families without engaging in risky behaviour.

When refugees arrive in South Africa, life is extremely tough. Finding work is almost impossible because of documentation issues, meaning they cannot access bank loans or secure a job. Microfinance training and being part of a group enables them to save and access loans so they can set up small businesses and earn a living. E3 is working with Paran on expanding its community ministry by:

  • Running microfinance groups for needy refugee families.
  • Launching a “Youth Financial Literacy Programme” to teach young people about saving and sensible spending.
  • Supporting 100 refugee children through Back to School.
  • Running a crèche to provide affordable day care and generate a sustainable income.
  • Grants: Durban – £5,200. Cape Town – £5,200.
  • Sustainability loan of £4,000: Paran already has one vehicle registered with Uber, and it is generating a good income to help fund the ministry. With this loan, it will buy another vehicle for Uber.

“I am so grateful to E3 for giving me back my life. I lost all my money and E3 funded me to start my business afresh.” Hidaya, a refugee from Rwanda, is part of Paran’s microfinance programme. She has on several occasions been a victim of xenophobic attacks, which harmed her small business.