Mountaineers for Christ

Mountaineers for Christ (MFC) works in Mokhotlong district in Lesotho where 23% of people are living with HIV. The majority of people live on less than $2 a day. MFC involves local churches and the wider community in its activities so that everyone can play a part in making life better for people affected by HIV.

Lack of knowledge and understanding of HIV is a major problem amongst most pastors. After E3 Emerging Leaders training, Mountaineers for Christ, which is chaired by Pastor Obed Ntsimane, started projects to respond to people’s needs. E3’s partnership:

  • Provides over 13,000 nutritious meals each year to people on HIV treatment at one hospital and three clinics. Most walk long distances to access treatment each month.
  • Helped fund the building of the boarding home at Harvesters Christian School so 40 orphaned children have a safe and comfortable home as well as academic and emotional support while they are at school during the week. The home is now self-sustaining because it is part funded by the Church’s mortuary business and part funded by fees from paying students.
  • Supports 13 orphaned children through payment of school fees and uniform at Harvesters Christian School.
  • Helped MFC complete the roofing on the community’s first burial home so people can be buried with dignity and the home will generate a small income to support Pastor Obed and MFC’s ministry.
  • Enabled MFC to start hosting short term mission trips bi-monthly, which is generating a sustainable income to help fund the Ministry.
  • Budget: £5,400

“I look forward to the meal at the clinic, but also to the prayers offered by the pastors. I have come to know Jesus Christ as my saviour … I fear nothing now.” Beauty goes to a clinic in Lesotho for HIV treatment and enjoys a hot nutritious meal provided by Mountaineers for Christ.