Mobile Mission Maintenance

Mobile Mission Maintenance (MMM) in Ndola, Kitwe, trains orphaned and vulnerable young adults in practical skills so they can earn a living. Most have never been to school because of circumstances beyond their control. Training from MMM gives them hope, dignity and practical help to turn their lives around. MMM is accredited by the government training department so the exams they take at the end of the course enable them to find jobs more easily.

Training includes brick-laying, plastering, carpentry and tailoring. As a Christian organisation, MMM is also able to share God’s love with the students and runs biblical studies alongside the practical training. It is hard to fund the necessary tools, machinery and materials, because students are not in a position to pay fees. Florence Kaniki leads the project.

E3 is helping support the Local Empowerment Skills Project, which provides training in churches in the rural areas with:

  • 19 fully-funded orphaned young adults being trained at the main centre.
  • 3 training courses in bricklaying and tailoring with an average of 60 students in each at the satellite centres in churches.
  • Funding for a much-needed vehicle to enable project staff to travel around the rural areas where access is difficult.
  • Feeding 250 orphaned and vulnerable children each week day, many of whom are living with HIV and would otherwise not have a decent meal. Nutritious food is vitally important to the effectiveness of antiretroviral medication.
  • Grant: £8,000
  • Sustainability loan of £4,000: MMM is opening a shop at the College to generate an income to help fund its work, once the loan to E3 is repaid.

“My mother struggled to bring me up on her own. She couldn’t work and I have no idea how she managed to pay for me to go to school. When I passed Grade 12, I thought that would be the end of my education but I thank God for E3, because I was picked to go to MMM for training in 2016. Today, I have a skill, which I can use and am working for a construction company so I can gain the experience and funds needed to start my own tile fixing company. I want to employ and train other young people. Thank you for empowering me. Please keep going – there are so many youths who have no future and face depression, alcoholism and prostitution. Please help them find hope for the future.” Mike Mwita, construction graduate