Key Ministry International Church

Key Ministry International Church (KMIC) in Pietermaritzburg is committed to sharing God’s love and responding to the many spiritual, social and economic challenges faced by refugees, who are mainly from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Rwanda.

It was founded by Rev. Samson Matabaro, who is himself a refugee from Burundi. Samson’s daughter, Lidia, now manages the project. She also used to work part-time for E3 as Back to School Manager. As refugees they moved from country to country to flee for their lives. Even when they eventually found a home in South Africa, life seemed impossible. Lidia remembers what it was like to go hungry every day and to wear plastic bags on her feet. Yet they saw God do amazing things, and now through Key Ministry, Samson and Lidia are focusing their lives on helping people in the same situation. Imagine what it would look like for every orphan and refugee they are working with now to carry that same heart in the future.

E3 is partnering in:

  • Microfinance projects so refugees and South Africans living in poverty can set up small businesses and afford to put food on the table, send their children to school and pay medical bills.
  • The Back to School programme, which helps 150 children attend school and find hope for the future.
  • Hosting 2 workshops on xenophobia with more than 85 church pastors and community leaders.
  • Funding Pastor Samson’s visits to 156 refugee families each year, to give spiritual support, counselling and help with renewing refugee documents and small business plans.
  • Budget: £7,500

Henry has been given hope and a future through Back to School … He lives with his grandparents who are refugees from the DR Congo. He is excelling in his school work and is an example to other children. He regularly helps his more privileged classmates with their work. His teacher says: “David is a hard working boy. In Grade 8, he was the top student in Maths with 93% and he achieved 100% in Creative Arts! He is a born leader and wants to be a doctor when he grows up.” (Note: Henry is not his real name.)