King’s Community Projects

King’s Community Projects (an outreach programme of King’s Community Church) is partnering with E3 to alleviate poverty and address gender-based violence in KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa. There are high levels of poverty, sexual and gender-based violence, teenage pregnancy, HIV, crime and a lack of access to education. Most people live in mud houses without proper sanitation and other utilities.

Di Milford is the Project Leader. The partnership with E3 includes:

  • Supporting 100 orphaned and vulnerable children at Nobanda Primary School through the Back to School programme. Many are cared for by grandmothers who struggle to feed, clothe and house the numerous grandchildren in their care.
  • Giving 72 children from the most vulnerable households a nutritious meal once a week at Christian Life School.
  • Distributing sanitary pads to 22 girls who would normally have to miss school during that time of the month.
  • The Choices centre, which provides a safe space, counselling and material support for girls and women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. Around 155 girls and women are supported each year.
  • Flourish, an outreach programme where groups of young people meet and discuss issues around gender-based violence.  They have reached over 550 young people in schools and rural communities so far.
  • Budget: £7,200

Emma and her two sisters were being cared for by their grandmother until she passed away. They now live with their father who was recently released from prison. Emma takes care of her sisters and one of them has been diagnosed with cancer. Despite her home situation, she is progressing well at school. She has been part of Back to School since Grade 1, and is now in Grade 5. Her teacher says: “Emma is working hard in all her subjects. She is a responsible girl and very respectful to teachers and pupils alike. Her confidence is growing every year.”