Jabulani Foundation

Jabulani Foundation is based in Zithulele Village in the Eastern Cape Province. It runs the Masiphakameni (“Let’s Rise”) programme for young women. With an often poor secondary education and almost no job prospects, young adults in this area have extremely limited opportunities to escape the cycle of poverty. With a bleak outlook for the future, many begin to abuse alcohol and other drugs, commit petty crime, and even end up in jail. John Young is the project leader.

E3’s partnership helps fund the programme, which includes:

  • Learning important values and life skills
  • Receiving support from positive role models
  • Developing a belief in themselves and their ability to create change in their own lives and their community
  • Physical education and personal development
  • Training in computers, business skills and practical skills like sewing.
  • Budget: £7,200

Jabulani used to run a similar programme for young men, but that is now being run by another NGO. The programme for young women is something that the local community has been asking for and has been needed for some time.

“Last year I was at university, but I dropped out because of my moral behaviour. Jabulani has taught me about making good choices and what to value. It has also helped heal my wounds about not having a father through a course called ‘The World Needs a Father’. We also do a lot of physical activity to teach us endurance.” Gomez, member of the JumpStart programme for young men in 2018.