Inceboyenkosi Community Foundation

Inceboyenkosi Community Foundation is in a small village called Swayimane, 62km from Pietermaritzburg. The problems of poverty and teenage pregnancy are huge. Many young girls have babies in order to access small social welfare grants and Inceboyenkosi wants to show them that there are other choices.

Thanda Phakathi who leads the project knows from personal experience what it is like to be a vulnerable child. Her mother struggled to make ends meet and Thanda remembers often going to school and to bed on an empty stomach. After her mother died (from a disease and hunger), a distant relative helped her complete her studies and many other people have helped her along the way. Now she wants to give other children that same chance. E3’s partnership is:

  • Supporting 150 orphaned and vulnerable children through the Back to School programme. Six community women visit the children to support, pray with them and help with homework.
  • Strengthening teenagers (unemployed and young parents) and helping them achieve their potential through the Youth Academy, which provides training in cookery, basic agriculture, how to apply for a job, HIV awareness and mentoring.
  • Providing computer classes at the Youth Academy, which young people pay for and the fees help fund other aspects of Inceboyenkosi’s work.
  • Running Life Skills workshops for the Back to School children and teenagers to help them make the right choices for their future, including education on the dangers and consequences of teenage pregnancy.
  • Budget: £9,300
  • Creating a Children’s Healing, Support and Recreation Centre, reaching out to more than 450 women, children and young people. Budget: £8,000

Emma’s mother was young and vulnerable when she was born and her father abandoned them both. Her maternal grandmother died in a very traumatic way, which left her mother struggling and alone. Despite her difficult home situation, Emma has always achieved some of the highest marks in the school each year since Reception. Her teacher says: “She works hard and never ceases to amaze us! Last year in Grade 3, she achieved 84% in Life Skills, 79% in Maths and 78% in both English and IsiZulu.”