Glad Tidings Orphan Centre

Glad Tidings Orphan Centre (GTOC) is improving the health and well-being of people living in Salima, a rural fishing community in Malawi. Salima has high rates of HIV infection, teenage pregnancy and early marriages of young girls. The majority of people are unable to access affordable healthcare and public transport to the nearest Government hospital (over 12km away) costs more than a day’s wages. People tend to delay seeking medical attention until their condition worsens and sometimes becomes life threatening

The project is led by Mary Mabasa. E3’s partnership is helping fund:

  • Clinics for vulnerable children whose families are unable to afford it.
  • Antenatal care, family planning, under 5’s health, malaria clinic, HIV counselling/testing, children’s physiotherapy and ART (Antiretroviral Therapy).
  • The development of income-generating micro businesses. This includes sanitary pad production (to reduce absenteeism amongst 300 teenage girls and enable the women who make them to earn a sustainable living) and a small holding, which grows food for the open market employing local people and mobilising their skills and knowledge.
  • Budget: £5,000

Most girls absent themselves from school each month for lack of sanitary pads. Community women work at GTOC as volunteers and sew washable and reusable sanitary pads, which are supplied to 300 girls at no cost. Jessie, a year 8 student now feels more secure in class: “Although I was still determined to come to school during my period, I wasn’t concentrating. I was always worried that it may leak and everyone would notice me. I gave up on being top of my class, but now I will concentrate in class and will still become a medical doctor.”