Gifts of Hope

Presents that make a difference

gift-of-hope-1When you give a gift of hope to a relative or friend for Christmas, a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, you will be helping change the life of an orphaned and vulnerable child through E3’s Back to School programme in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

All of the children face many challenges in their home situations – most are orphans, some are refugees and all live in extreme poverty. In South Africa, school is free, but you must have uniform and shoes to attend. Those who care for them struggle to afford food, let alone school necessities.

Back to School provides what they need as well as ongoing emotional and spiritual support through Life Skills classes and counselling so they can cope with their past experiences, grow in confidence, succeed at school and look to the future with hope.

E3’s Gifts of Hope make the perfect present for friends and family. You will receive a printed E3 Christmas card or greetings card (depending on the occasion) containing details of the gift you have bought for you to personalise and give to the recipient.

Simply choose a gift…

£15 can provide winter uniform to an orphaned child at Mdutshini Primary School, so they stay warm in winter. They love going to school in smart new uniform and they can’t attend school without it!

£25 provides one workshop on reproductive health and HIV and AIDS with eighteen school-going teenagers in rural Swayimane. Teenage pregnancy and higher rates of HIV infection are an increasing problem in that community. These weekly workshops are helping reverse that trend.

£50 provides one Life Skills workshop for 86 refugee children. They fled war-ravaged countries to seek asylum in South Africa. These workshops are run five times a year and help children cope with their situations, grow in confidence and make good choices in life.

£75 supplies a week’s worth of nutritious school meals to 50 orphaned and vulnerable children in an informal settlement called Sweetwater’s. Without this, these children will have empty tummies and will struggle to concentrate at school.

£100 gives food parcels to a child-headed household for a month. There is an increasing number of households, which are run by school-going teenagers. They struggle to look after younger siblings and continue with school.


Please note:

Gifts of Hope are only available to buy online in the UK as we trial this new initiative. However, if you live elsewhere and would like to buy please contact us and we can arrange it.

The money that you spend on E3 Gifts of Hope will support E3’s Back to School programme.

You can currently only pay for one gift at a time because before investing in the technology we wanted to be sure this is something that our donors will support. The payment is taken as a one-off Direct Debit through, a third party secure online provider.