Help E3 feed vulnerable families during the lockdown in South Africa


It costs just £20 to provide a food parcel for a family of four for three weeks. Our partners are focusing on the most vulnerable – people living with HIV, refugees and Back to School children. These families desperately need support during the lockdown and they need it now.  

Many depend on daily sales from street stalls to survive, those who are living with HIV need regular meals for their medication to be effective and grandmothers and carers of Back to School children suddenly need to provide food for children who would normally have their main and often only meal of the day at school.

“Now that I have enough food for my family for the lockdown, I am going into my house for 21 days with much peace. Thank you for helping me and my family.” Johnathan who was given a food parcel recently.   

“E3 is making the burden of our refugee people light. They were fearing the police and the soldiers who are enforcing the lockdown, to go out and find food, but staying at home means starving. This food is a great blessing.” Bishop Samson Matabaro, Key Ministry.

It is with careful consideration that we are making this appeal – we know it’s a difficult time for our supporters too, but we wanted to give you an opportunity to help our brothers and sisters in Africa. Any gift, large or small, will help, and your prayers for E3 partners and the people they support are as important.

E3 partner projects in South Africa are diverting the funding that would have been spent on training, workshops, support group activities etc to helping support vulnerable families during the lockdown too, but that money isn’t sufficient to provide food for everyone who needs it.


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We have raised £3,584 so far, which will help 179 families. Thank you so much for your support.