Father’s Heart Ministries

Father’s Heart Ministries is a local Church based in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It reaches out to people living in poverty through acts of kindness and in particular to orphaned children and families affected and infected by HIV and living in extreme poverty. Pastor Colin Naidoo leads the project.

Families live in extreme poverty with very few earning an income. AIDS-related illnesses are the leading cause of death among adults, leaving many children not only without parents, but with little or no extended family. Grandmothers are often caring for several of their grandchildren and in some families older siblings look after the younger ones.

E3’s partnership is enabling Father’s Heart Ministries to bring hope to children at Umsilinga Primary School by:

  • Providing uniforms, shoes and other school necessities to 150 children through the Back to School programme, as well as biblical Life Skills workshops.
  • Funding a much-needed vehicle through a one-off grant so Father’s Heart can easily access the school to provide ongoing support.
  • Running a feeding scheme once a week at the school for 1,271 orphaned and vulnerable children who would not otherwise have a good meal.
  • Budget: £4,600

Tears of joy! Pictured here is Anna, who didn’t have school uniform and she wore shoes that were far too big for her. She waited anxiously to have her name called when E3 was giving out uniforms and shoes. She smiled when she finally received her package, but then suddenly burst into tears. When asked afterwards why she cried, she said she was happy to have received a uniform, which she had been praying for. (Note: Anna is not her real name.)