Family Life Projects Trust

Family Life Projects Trust helps people out of poverty in Zimbabwe, one of the poorest countries in Africa. Unemployment, poverty rates and living costs are high, so people face a daily struggle to survive. Many families have split up with parents living in different countries to find work, whilst the children are left behind in Zimbabwe. Many children have been orphaned by the HIV and AIDS pandemic and are left caring for younger siblings or living on the streets.

Family Life focuses on the city of Bulawayo and is run by Pastor Mkhululi Sihlola and his wife Naume. The need is huge and we are making a difference by:

  • Helping 30 women and other vulnerable groups in Charlett village to earn a living through sustainable agriculture.
  • Supporting 110 orphaned and vulnerable children with uniform and shoes and biblical Life Skills workshops through our Back to School programme.
  • Training 25 Pastors to address HIV and AIDS stigma in local churches and to also implement Pastors’ Economic Empowerment so they can support their ministries and families.
  • Mentoring Good Hope Mother Community Centre where more than 120 children are provided with meals before going to school every day.
  • Budget: £7,000

These children were delighted with their new uniform and shoes! Naume from Family Life says: “For the children, being given new uniform and shoes not only raises their self-esteem, but the shoes also protect them from diseases during the rainy season. God bless the E3 team.”