Back to School

Change a child’s future through education

E3’s Back to School programme is changing the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in some of the most impoverished rural communities and slums in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. You can be part of this story by giving just £7 / $10 / R100 a month to support a child through school.

Ready to sign up? Please fill in our Back to School form and we will send you details of the community you will be supporting and how to donate.

More about Back to School

Although the local schools are free, the children must have uniform and shoes. Their elderly grandparents or foster parents cannot afford these so the children either cannot attend or wear broken shoes and old ripped uniforms.

All of them have a very difficult home life. They struggle with many issues and live in poor conditions. Those who care for them are usually uneducated themselves so they cannot provide the encouragement that children need to be successful at school. That’s why as well as giving children school supplies, your support also helps them develop emotionally and make wise choices in life through ongoing support, counselling and life-skills workshops. Once children join Back to School, support is available to them each year until they finish school.

family-5A gift of just £7 / $10 / R100 a month can support one child in South Africa to attend school and complete their education.

You will be supporting a child in a specific community and we would love for you to commit to give and pray regularly. You may like to support more than one child in that community. Giving annually minimises administration costs.

Benefits to the child

Your monthly or annual donation will provide the following to a child each school year:

  • Uniform
  • School shoes and socks
  • Exercise books
  • Bi-monthly Life Skills workshops run by E3 to help emotional and spiritual development
  • A heart warmed through knowing that people they have never met care enough to support them. You can send a letter to the school once a year to encourage the Back to School children.

Elizabeth lost both her parents some years ago. She desperately wanted to continue her schooling and had been working hard selling fruit in the market before school. She explains the difference support from E3 has made: “I can now concentrate on completing school. I will become a nurse one day so I can help others.”

And, there are also benefits for you too!

  • You will be giving children the chance to complete school, find ways to cope with past experiences, difficult home situations and the poverty around them, and look to the future with hope.
  • We will send you two reports each year by email about how Back to School is changing lives in the community you are supporting.
  • We are committed to managing all funds and the administration of the project with integrity and transparency.

Children’s lives are already changing for the better

We have already seen how Back to School can turn children’s lives around.

Photo of Frank posing for the cameraPeter’s
mother died when he was born, so his disabled grandmother looks after him. His teacher says: “You cannot tell Peter is an orphan because he looks so neat in his uniform. He is growing in confidence every day and is able to smile and pose for the camera, which he didn’t used to do. He is well behaved and is achieving high grades in all his subjects. He likes to play soccer.”

Photo of Unathi

Sarah’s mother died due to a domestic violence incident involving her dad. The emotional support she received through Back to School has really helped her cope and find hope. “My home life is good with my grandmother. I love my family. I appreciate the uniform you gave me. May God bless you.” Her teacher says: “Sarah is a good girl and a hard worker. She works well with other pupils and is excelling in English, Mathematics and Natural Sciences.”

John‘s family are refugees from the DR Congo and he has four siblings. His parents struggle to provide for them. His mother is a street vendor and John helps sell sweets after school. Relatives have joined them from DR Congo, increasing their number to fifteen in a one-room flat. Despite these challenges, John continues to excel at school. His teacher says: “He works consistently and has produced excellent results.”

Photo of Sarah

Anna is 10 years old and is in Grade 4. Before she joined Back to School, she failed most of her subjects, but now her teacher says: “Anna enjoys her school work, is respectful and participates well in class. She is doing wonderful work and feeling very encouraged.” Anna’s mother used to despair about her failing at school and is so happy that Back to School has enabled her to succeed.  The Life Skills classes have really helped her to grow in confidence.

At the start of the 2019 school year, 1,070 children were part of E3’s Back to School programme in South Africa. E3 wants to raise funds for Back to School so we can continue to support them throughout their school life and so we can increase the number of children we support in years to come.

What Back to School supporters say

“When I got the profile about the school I support I couldn’t believe the privilege I felt in being involved. Every member of my family now supports a child through Back to School. We look at the school photos every day on our fridge, pray for them and feel love for them, even though we’ve never met. We know their story has been changed because of our small monthly contribution. It brings me to tears when I think of it.”  Tori Sheppard, Northern Ireland

“I enjoy supporting a child through the Back to School Program. I like knowing that I am helping someone through education to help themselves and make this world a better place. I enjoy the updates and the smiles on the children’s faces. They brighten my day.” Paula Glynn-Jaros, USA

“My husband and I live in South Africa, and we have seen first-hand what Back to School means to the children. Their smiles as they receive their uniform are enough to make you want to see every child in South Africa have the same opportunity. The reports and photos make it very personal to us and it’s a big privilege to help in this way.” Marian and Fred Lammas, South Africa

Get involved

Please fill in our Back to School form.. We will then send information about a community that needs your support and details of how to give. Thank you so much for helping change a child’s future through education. Please note that if you can give your support annually this minimises administration costs.

You can also give a one-off donation to help a child through Back to School:

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If you are in the US, go to the online giving form and select ‘Back to School’ (make a donation via PayPal)

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