African United National Baptist Church

African United National Baptist Church (AUNBC) works in three rural communities – Harding, Durban and Peacevalley – near its headquarters in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Those communities face the effects of HIV and AIDS and poverty. Revd Sipho Radebe, the project leader, wants to help needy people to overcome poverty and build a more stable future. AUNBC empowers them economically so they can earn a living and not simply receive government social grants or handouts from charities. In partnership with E3, AUNBC is:

  • Training more than 36 pastors and their wives through E3’s Emerging Leaders programme, which helps identify needs in the community and how the church can respond.
  • Supporting 150 orphaned and vulnerable children through the Back to School programme.
  • Running a large-scale vegetable garden and starting three chicken farming projects this year to supply residents in Harding with affordable food and generate a sustainable income to help fund the ministry.
  • Computer classes for township children. The computers are part of the donation from the E3 team in the US.
  • Grant: £7,200
  • Sustainability loan of £2,000: AUNBC is opening a food shop in the community to improve access to affordable food and generate an income to help fund its work, once the E3 loan has been repaid.

“The Back to School children can go to school with their heads held high. They used to drop out of school because other children laughed at their tattered clothes. They are so happy with their smart new uniforms.” Revd Sipho Radebe.