Acts of Faith

Acts of Faith improves the quality of life of local people and empowers churches and communities to cope with the challenges of poverty, unemployment and HIV in Manzini, eSwatini. Over half the population are aged 15 to 30 years old and young people struggle with unmet physical needs, unfinished education and depression and may become involved in crime or substance abuse. Ms Hlobisile Nxumalo is the Project Director and Pastor Jabulani Yande helps to lead it.

E3’s partnership with Acts of Faith:

  • Facilitates 19 home-based care support groups, reaching 190 people. Volunteers go to people’s homes and care for them when they are ill.
  • Trains and encourages 76 church leaders to understand and effectively respond to the spiritual and social needs in their communities through regular workshops.
  • Provides meals for the 10 orphaned children living at Shammah Family Centre. Before this funding from E3, Pastor Salatia who runs the Centre was using all of her pension money to provide for the children.
  • Supports 55 orphaned and vulnerable children through the Back to School Programme and mobilises local churches and women’s groups to help these children instead of only receiving donations from outside the community or from overseas. A two-day psychosocial workshop during the school holidays will help children build self-esteem and confidence.
  • Runs a two-day business skills workshop for people in the support groups and three church projects so they can set up small businesses to earn a sustainable living and provide for their families. Businesses include peanut butter making and sewing.
  • Provided a much-needed vehicle to take the sick to hospital and deliver food parcels and make home visits to orphaned and vulnerable children and people living with HIV.
  • Grant: £8,300
  • Sustainability loan of £4,000: Acts of Faith is setting up a microfinance scheme to generate an income to help fund its work, once the loan has been repaid to E3.

“I don’t know how to describe just how happy we are, with the new vehicle funded by E3. This car will help us visit sick people, support Salatia at Shammah Family Centre, spend time with support groups and generally help us run all of our work.” Hlobisile, Acts of Faith Director