Democratic Republic of Congo


Action Missionnaire au Congo (AMC) equips local churches to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs in their community. Pastor Jules Wazeng is the Project Leader.

Most church pastors are untrained in Theology and Mission, and overwhelmed by the needs around them. Around 55% of people live on less than a dollar a day and malnutrition is widespread. Life is a struggle and pastors literally don’t know where to start. And given that their church members all live in poverty, there is no money to fund the ministry. In response, AMC provides training and education in Theology, Mission and Leadership. Within 10 years, AMC has trained more than 450 leaders, all of whom are now very active in evangelism, discipleship, church planting and training others.

E3’s partnership with AMC:

  • Helps 40 pastors and 25 widows in their care to earn a sustainable living through microfinance. Small businesses include breeding rabbits, chickens and pigs. A similar project has already made a huge difference to a group of widows who make cleaning detergent and can now afford food, shelter and school uniforms for their children from the income they earn, as well as helping support their local churches.
  • Supports 100 orphaned and vulnerable children by providing school books and paying school fees for some.
  • Trains local pastors and their churches on HIV and AIDS.
  • Funded a minibus to facilitate visits to pastors in distant communities and the running of the income-generating projects.
  • Budget: £6,000

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