Centre for Christian Missions

Centre for Christian Missions, based in Kitwe, Zambia, works to “glorify God by equipping Christians to know, love, and serve God biblically in the Church and world”. The Centre trains pastors in theology and social outreach programmes so they can effectively respond to HIV and AIDS, poverty and other issues in their communities. Pastor Bennett Ndelemeti oversees the project. The outreach programmes include:

  • The Back to school programme, which has so far enabled 192 orphaned children to go to school by providing uniforms, extra lessons in Maths and English and sporting activities to build children’s confidence and self-esteem. E3 is delighted that several children in recent years passed their high school entry exams and are now at local high schools.
  • Pastors’ Economic Empowerment Project, which works with 49 local church pastors to run small businesses so they can support their families while they serve in ministry.
  • Hosting a conference for 40 E3 partner project leaders in spring 2018.
  • Budget: £10,000